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  1. Engine 26 by Daniel Hirschmann is a part of an ongoing project within the generative painting medium. It has been developed as a collaborative tool that allows the combination of pattern, structure, color, context and process to produce versioned art works. The software is written to allow for the gestural manipulation of live video and the output of a ‘painted’ moment in time.

    The software has evolved over time as it has been used in different ways to produce images. Initially it was intended to reveal areas of photographs while painting them with a mouse or tablet. Later, the live video feed was added, and the mouse input remained. Finally, the live video informed the movement and style of the brush along the canvas.

    The most recent version – Engine 26 – is a site specific, interactive installation created originally for the Whitney Gala and TED Women in 2010. Using various computer vision techniques to capture the movement of visitors through the camera, Engine 26 paints different areas of live video onto the digital canvas over time. Throughout the next year will archive the various images, installations and activities created.

    Engine26 has since been exhibited at the Art Of Code in Stockholm, the London Science Museum, and most recently SXSW in Austin, Texas.

    This project has been kindly supported by the AOL artists community and the Whitney Museum of Art

    This artwork has been made possible with the support of:

    AOL Artists
    Acer Computers Acer computers
    Daniel Hirschmann
    Dean Munford
    George Profenza
    Karsten Schmidt
    Jerome Rigaud
    TED Women
    The Whitney
    Wolff Olins